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TV Review: This Week on Game of Thrones (S5 Episode 9/ June 7, 2015)


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EPISODE 9: The Dance of Dragons

THE PLOT : The long summer is at an end, winter truly is coming and with it the cold winds of war as five self proclaimed Kings claim dominance over Westeros, but there can be only one winner when you play the game of thrones.

THE LOWDOWN: (The following column contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don't recommend reading this if you haven't watched this episode). Itís hard to imagine how last weekís closing moments could be topped, but you have to go into the final two episodes expecting big things. Indeed, the pieces are in line, and although we will see movement on the battlefield, alas, I feel most of this is setting up for a cliffhanger next week. That said, what we got was still fantastic. I was worried old Thorne wasnít going to let Jon and his new friends through the gate. He did, but no one there seems very happy about it, and like Sam, Jon doesnít seem to have many friends at the moment, so Iím a little concerned. Hopefully, Ser Davos gets there sooner than later.

Stannis. Christ bro, I was really starting to root for you, but burning your little at the stake? Sigh. Sometimes the price is too high, and as for The Lord of Light, well, has the thought of this god asking for too much ever crossed anyoneís mind? The scene with Davos and his gift was heartbreaking. I think he knew something was coming, but if he didnít, heís going to be oober pissed when he gets backómutiny pissed, with a side of Ďkick a bitchís assí. He already hates and distrusts Melisandre, and heíll know sheís behind this. Iím thinking this may be the straw that breaks Ser Davosí back. Personally, I just donít get it. Stannis and Melisandre are characters I want to root for, but canít. I suppose we canít love everyone, otherwise weíd never truly be happy with the victor, but still, this was a particularly cold night at camp Stannis.

Iíd read in tonightís synopsis that Arya sees an old friend, and once I saw Mace Tyrell hit the streets it all clicked. Of course sheíd drop everything for a chance to drop Ser Meryn, and MAN, do I ever pray she gets the chance! Iíd love to see the look on his smug face when he realizes that not only is he dead, but dead at the hands of a Stark. This had better happen. I also rather enjoyed the ending of Jaimeís adventure in Dorne. He gets out alive (for now anyway), Bronn too (f*ck yeah), and Oberynís woman gets a seat on the small councilónot that itís coveted prize at the moment. Itís going to be very interesting to see how the adventure back to Kingís Landing unfolds. Iím thinking they should bring the Sand Snakes along for the ride. I'm sure Bronn wouldn't argue.

GAME OF THRONES SEASON 5's ninth episode builds to a tremendous climax in Meereen, and with a title like ĎThe Dance of Dragonsí (a homage to Martinís fifth book), how could it not. Everyoneís gathered at the arena (think GLADIATOR/SPARTACUS) for some blood, er, I mean, games. Not to worry, they get both. What truly rocked here was seeing Jorah not only come out on top of the fight, but win back his Queenís faith (which would be far more stellar a victory if not for the Greyscale), but Iím a little pissed about the Harpy battle. First, I mean seriously, didnít you guys see that shit coming, or at the very least expect it could happen? Nope, totally caught pants down. And then thereís the Harpies themselves, how in Godís name are they killing off the Unsullied so easily? One Unsullied should be worth twenty of those fools. Minor grievances aside, how f*cking cool was seeing Dany climb on Drogonís back and lay waste like a boss! Expect that scene to be rewound and watched a couple dozen times. One more until the long year wait, what a bittersweet feeling, but Iím still pumped.

SEX/NUDITY: There was a brothel scene tonight, and the only thing more than perplexing than no boobs, was Ser Merynís choice (age) in women. Two words, disturbing and gross.

VIOLENCE: Stannis burns his little girl at the stake. No, we didnít see it, but we heard it. Aside from that, thereís a good amount of blood and carnage in Meereenís arena. Fire, and bodies being ripped apart were just some of the fireworks.

MOST EPIC SCENE: Drogon. He looked phenomenal, fought like a beast, and then Dany rode atop him like she was about to conquer the world. Need I go on?.



Extra Tidbit: When the surge of adrenaline passed, I cocked my head and wondered, ďWhere the hell is she going?Ē



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