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TV trailer round-up: Bloodline, Penny Dreadful & more


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For those of you wondering what's going on in the world of TV, there's plenty of solid shows returning to both Showtime and Netflix, and we have the trailers to prove it! First up is Showtime with their previews of Penny Dreadful: Season 3 (hitting on May 1st) and Ray Donovan: Season 4 (starting up on June 26th).

Now, if binge-watching is your thing, then we've got plenty of Netflix goodness to spread around. First up is a series trailer for Kevin Spacey's House of Cards, of which you can watch the first 4 seasons right now! Then we have the family drama, Bloodline, returning for its second season on May 27th. Following that is Netflix's foray into the world of melodrama with The Crown, starting on November 5th. Finally, we have Season 2 of Marco Polo hitting Netflix users on July 1st! Check 'em out!.

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