TV's Flash Gordon is

A former resident of SMALLVILLE is the guy who's gonna save every one of us. Eric Johnson (not the musician) snagged the role of FLASH GORDON on the upcoming Sci-Fi Channel series, bringing his substantial jawline and fake high-school football experience to the part of the planet-hopping pulp hero.

The Sci-Fi Channel is gearing up a new 22-episode series featuring the famous character, who along with friends Dr. Zarkov and Dale Arden battles against the forces of despot Ming the Merciless on the alien world Mongo. The show is being described as an "inventive new take on the perennial science fiction classic" and comes from TV veterans Robert Halmi Sr. and Jr. (FARSCAPE). I hope they bring the supercheese flavor of the 1980 bad-classic along with them.

Johnson is probably best known as sorta dickish Kreuk-mate and Clark-rival Whitney on early SMALLVILLE episodes, before he seemingly disappeared into the wilds of the Canadian film system. Actor Chris Showerman (GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE 2) was previously rumored for the Flash role. Other lead parts for the series (including towering villain Ming) are as yet unannounced.
Extra Tidbit: A special edition DVD of the brilliantly awful 1980 flick is coming in August, and I honestly couldn't be more excited. As Ming commands: "All creatures shall make merry... on pain of death!"



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