Twitting the Critics

Twitcritics ratings chart

So Twitter aims at making communications quick and easy, even if 140 characters is turning internet jargon into something even more hieroglyphic than my 3-year old's poo-doodles, and now the concept is turning it's gaze toward movie ratings. Although results may vary according to vocabulary...

Twitcritics, currently in its beta version only, aims at emulating Metacritic with an algorithm that compiles tweets made about individual movies, and puts a nice little percentage on it all. Kinda like the microwave version of Rotten Tomatoes. Only thing is sometimes the algorithm doesn't quite get it; if someone uses the word "incredible", that one automatically goes in the positive column, even though the comment was "88 Minutes is an incredible piece of shit". Kind of ironic - can't use more than a 5 words, but then again you have to be damn clear on what you wanna say...

To be fair, there's apparently a "human" moderator who oversees it all to make sure mistakes are corrected promptly, and users are given the chance to submit a correction on what spin was applied to their comments.

Any die hard Twitters (Tweeters?) care to try it and give us some feedback?

Extra Tidbit: By the way, for those frustrated with learning they were following fake celebrity tweets, here's a great tool to make sure the account isn't a hoax.
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