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Two actors out of the Captain America race


Two down, four to go.

A couple of names have been marked off the shortlist to play Captain America.

First, Scott Porter from shows like FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and CAPRICA took the lead in a new series titled, NOMADS. The show apparently will conflict with the shooting of the film.

Then Michael Cassidy, whom I mainly know from THE O.C. as Seth Cohen's frenemy, Zach, announced this on his twitter account, "No Captain America for me." No reason was giving by the actor for the move.

We did give an update on the shortlist story that Cinematical received a tip that John Krasinski was the shoe in, but that's really all speculation at this point. So who's left play cap? I put together a little picture to show you the remaining contenders: Patrick Flueger, Mike Vogel, Chance Crawford, Krasinski, and Garrett Hedlund (center).

Extra Tidbit: I just can't take pretty boy Chance Crawford as Cap.
Source: EW/Film



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