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I'd warn you that there are SPOILERS in this piece. On my scale I'd rate them way below Defcon level, but certainly, I'm sure it would piss some of you off to know. If you frequently read my thoughts on THE DARK KNIGHT, you'll know that I wouldn't hesitate to club my grandmother if it meant me enjoying this movie a fraction more, and I'm pretty comfortable knowing what I'm reporting here, so, you know, personally I think it's all cool. But still, be warned, people.

You know, I spent part of my youth working in a comic book shop that was wildly unpopular, and so spent most of my time reading the material at hand. And Two Face was always my favorite character out of the entire pantheon, not just of Batman villains, but comic book characters as a whole. I mean, the guy is such a bad mother-f*cker, he decides your fate with a nonchalant coin-toss. So I was pretty stoked to receive some intel on what's going on with him in THE DARK KNIGHT that I haven't seen anywhere else.

First up, I've been told that the blurry toy picture (BELOW, I think; I'm color-blind) that we all saw a while back, is way off. Dent's eye won't be red, and his skin won't be purple. His face isn't just scarred, the acid has eaten away it his face, and it is pretty grotesque. I'm told it has a "very organic decay", almost like THE MUMMY. The flesh around the mouth is gone, and it allegedly "matches pretty well with how he looks in The Long Halloween". If you read the comic, you know that means the bad-ass smirk. Totally money.

The best part of what I've been told though? That the reason we haven't seen him yet is that it is so hardcore that it can't really be softened up for publicity.

Secondly, I've been told there is actually a part in the new trailer that will be released tomorrow (but that I'm sure you've all seen anyway) where Dent is actually already Two Face. I know, what the hell, right? If you're anything like me you were watching and investigating that freaking thing like David Caruso. It isn't a WATCHMEN in the 300 trailer type trick, but instead, there's a scene, where Dent is sat in the back of the car with a revolver with his clean side of his face towards us, but with clear scarring around the side opposite. I'm told it wasn't obvious in the bootlegs, but that it will be when we see it in HD. I was actually told more about this scene, but that I thought was just too spoilerish, so I'm keeping it to myself.

Of course, no confirmation on any of this yet, but I'll vouch for it. Many thanks to Buddy Magee for the tips.
Extra Tidbit: Also, an interesting piece on him in the LA Times, HERE. Thanks to Kenneth for the heads up on that.
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