Two Face or not?

BATMAN BEGINS was easily my most anticipated movie EVER. As soon as it began production, I recall scouring the net incessantly for any new info I could find. It was like an addiction and it was ruining relationships with people that I cared about. Thankfully now that the franchise has officially been ‘rebooted’, I don’t think I’ll have that same problem with the upcoming THE DARK KNIGHT.

Don’t get me wrong though. Reading news about the Batman sequel still gets me aroused, which is why I bring you this little tidbit. David Goyer recently spoke to Sci-fi Wire about the possibility of Two Face appearing the film, and here’s what he had to say: "I think Harvey Dent has been mentioned...I don't know that Two-Face has been mentioned."

We all know Harvey Dent will appear in the film in the form of Aaron Eckhart, but will he become Two Face before the end credits roll? I’d love to see them end the film with Two Face’s introduction, similar to what they did in the first film with the Joker. But I don’t write the script, David Goyer does (along with Jonah Nolan). Read the rest of what he has to say about THE DARK KNIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: “I know nothing. As far as I know, there’s a script. It’s a film about Batman versus Joker and Two Face and we know Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart have been cast in those roles. But I’ll just wait for the call." - Cillian Murphy on whether or not he'll be returning as Scarecrow.
Source: Sci-fi Wire



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