Two more join Green Lantern, fliming begins today

Just as filming is about to begin in New Orleans, GREEN LANTERN has added two new actors to its cast and both, coincidentally, from New Zealand. Taika Waititi has signed on to play the best friend of Hal Jordan, a fellow test pilot. Temuera Morrison, who you may remember as Jango Fett from the new STAR WARS trilogy, will play Abin Sur, one of the Green Lantern Corps who is responsible for recruiting Jordan. (In one timeline of the comics he was revealed to be related to Sinestro but it's unclear if that will make it through to the film.)

LANTERN is filming this week in New Orleans with Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong, Peter Sarsgaard, Blake Lively and Tim Robbins starring. Directed by Martin Campbell the film will be released in 3D (though won't be shot in 3D) in June of 2011. With any luck we'll get to see some very early 2D footage this July at Comic-Con.

Extra Tidbit: I'm still shocked that Justin Timberlake was one of the final candidates to play Green Lantern.
Source: THR



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