Two more join the Anna Faris comedy What's Your Number?

WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER?, the Anna Faris romantic comedy that will probably be better known (at least for now) as the film Chris Evans dumped in order to play Captain America, is still moving along despite the casting setback. (Or is it a setback? I'll get to that in a second.)

Joining the cute and plucky Faris are relative unknowns Matt Bomer (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING, FLIGHTPLAN) and Ari Graynor (WHIP IT, NICK AND NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST). According to THR, the film based on the book by Karyn Bosnak (adapted by Gabrielle Allan and Jennifer Crittenden), "centers on a woman (Faris) who treks through her sexual past to find Mr. Right, exploring the idea of sexual quotas and whether such numbers matter." Bomer will play the "dream guy" while Graynor will play Faris's sister whose wedding will serve as the film's primary setting.

But what's this? THR says that Chris Evans is still part of the cast? Does this mean the Star-Spangled Avenger will be pulling double duty? Is The Hollywood Reporter simply misinformed? Do we even really care?

WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? begins shooting this Spring.

Extra Tidbit: Screenwriter Jennifer Crittenden was part of the writing staff on both "The Simpsons" and "Seinfeld" during their heyday. That's some good pedigree right there.



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