Twohy talks Riddick 3

Riddick needs to eat his veggies...

Two things Vin Diesel should learn from these least few years: Fans don't like him trying to go all serious, and CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK was no PITCH BLACK. The first lesson he DID learn, hence his triumphant and lucrative return behind the FAST & FURIOUS wheel this summer. The second, he SAYS he learned. Will we see the results any time soon?

Talking to the folks of ShockTillYouDrop this weekend, RIDDICK helmer David Twohy touched upon the potential sequel he often hinted at, and confirms Vinnie and him do know where to go next. But... "There's some interest at the studio level but it would be as a PG-13 film, and we don't want to do that anymore," he admitted with such a blatant understatement. "We were too ambitions, so yes, if we do go back to a third one, it will be focused again, hopefully again the same way that 'Pitch Black' was, and we'll spend less money doing it."

So basically, they want to do it, know how to fix it, but need to sell it. In other words, not next year nor the following 3 or 4. Twohy, whose thriller A PERFECT GETAWAY opens this week, next shifts his attention on the Ridley Scott-produced CRYING HAVOC, about an FBI agent whose pursuit of a spy brings him into demonic territory. From his own words, it'd have "the same visual prowess of a movie like 'Constantine' but a hopefully more coherent script."

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Extra Tidbit: Which do we want more: Diesel starring in RIDDICK 3 or Diesel directing HANNIBAL?



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