Ty Burrell joins The Muppets 2 while Christoph Waltz drops out

In the weirdest casting change I have seen in a long time, MODERN FAMILY star Ty Burrell will take over the role previously linked with Christoph Waltz in THE MUPPETS 2.

Burrell will portray an Interpol agent tracking The Muppets as they cross Europe. The Hollywood Reporter says Waltz dropped out of the film due to scheduling conflicts.

With Jason Segel and Amy Adams not returning for THE MUPPETS 2, the only connection to that film will be the newest Muppet, Walter, who was the breakout star of the first movie. Director James Bobin, screenwriter Nicholas Stoller, and musician Bret McKenzie are all returning from THE MUPPETS which means we will at least have a consistent tone and style between the films. Where the 2010 movie followed the road trip plot of THE MUPPET MOVIE, THE MUPPETS 2 sounds like a European version of THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN.

So, expect a lot of cameos, some great songs, and hopefully no Inspector Clouseau-esque accent from Burrell.

Extra Tidbit: Ty Burrell will always remind me of Zack Snyder's DAWN OF THE DEAD



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