Tyson does Bollywood?

Mike Tyson It's a relatively slow news day so how bout something from the "what the f*ck?' files? According to Indian entertainment site India FM, Bollywood director Firoz Nadiadwala has asked world renowned ear biter Mike Tyson to take part in the promotional campaign for his upcoming film FOOL'N'FINAL. As is apparently customary for the publicity of all his films, Nadiadwala is planning to shoot a promotional video for FOOL'N'FINAL. And as it's also apparently customary to recruit at least moderately famous Hollywood celebrities to take part in these promotional videos, Nadiadwala has decided, for reasons likely clear only to him, to invite the face-tatooed former Heavyweight champ to take part in the production. Naturally, of course, Tyson is a bit apprehensive about doing the video. He's close to signing but is still currently mulling things over. After all, the guy's got a reputation to maintain. He can't just go around prancing around in a Bollywood video. Not unless he's cutting something off somebody. Thanks to Judgevik for the heads up.

Extra Tidbit: Tyson made a cameo in ROCKY BALBOA as himself.
Source: India FM



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