Uber-wealthy industrialist Richard Branson producing Christopher Columbus biopic, McG attached to direct

If you ever become a multi-billionaire, be sure to do one thing: Be like multi-billionaire Richard Branson (see Exhibits A through F for compelling reasons why).

And so when he isn't sleeping on his mattress made of cash money, brandishing fine females either in his arms or on his back, or doing a handful of other awesome things... Branson is turning his attentions towards movie producing. According to Deadline, the entrepreneur - who this summer launched "Virgin Produced", a joint venture with Relativity Media - is in negotiations to acquire COLUMBUS.

From writing newcomer T.S. Nowlin, COLUMBUS currently has director McG (TERMINATOR SALVATION) on board to helm and produce what's being called "a 300-style film about Christopher Columbus and his discovery of America."

This wouldn't be the first time Christopher Columbus attempted to sail the oceans of the silver screen. Eighteen years ago, in an attempt to capitalize on the 500 year anniversary of the "discovery" of America, Ridley Scott brought us 1492: CONQUEST OF PARADISE with Gerard Depardieu in the lead role, and then director John Glen (the dude behind a bunch of Bond films) made CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS: THE DISCOVERY with Marlon Brando of all people as the famous explorer. The problem? Aside from not being particularly good films, nobody really gave a f*ck about Columbus. Deadline wonders if advances in movie tech will help drum up interest this time around. I doubt it (unless they depict Columbus as a rapist and murderer).

Frankly, Branson should be spending money on making a BRANSON biopic, showcasing all the crazy shenanigans he's up to. I mean, just look at this guy:

Extra Tidbit: Branson claims he's two years away from launching the commercial space travel company Virgin Galactic Airway.
Source: Deadline



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