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Uhura kicks butt!


We just got a chance to chat with Zoe Saldana on a set visit (though we cant tell you what that is just yetI promise to give you all a full report after they promise not to hurt my family if I tell) where she gave us the scoop on getting to kick some ass in the STAR TREK sequel and being a hot chick/action star.

Im in my phase of action film exploitation, she told us. "I mean, after AVATAR for two years, and being harnessed and jumping off wires and everything. I wanted to keep exploring that. And STAR TREKI had so much fun, but the boys had all the action. J.J. (Abrams) promised me that in the sequel, she will have at least one little fightI mean, let me just kick a guy in the groin or something. Volunteers?

Saldana was asked if shed been emailing back and forth with the STAR TREK cast, she said, Fuck, yeah! Oh my god, yes! If you guys could seewe have each other on a massive email group. All the actors and the producers and J.J. And just to read the back and forth with Karl Urban and Simon Pegg and Chris Pine and John ChoIve been having tons of fun. The last two years have been fun because Ive been working with amazing directors and amazing actors

Shes loving the whole action star thing. Im a sucker for vulnerable parts, but Im in my phase. And I really enjoy it. For an actor, once they catch that bugIf Im not jumping off a building man, Im not doing it! she said in a tough guy voice. (Yes, I meant, guy. She channeled Stallone for a sec.] And Im there. She showed us a giant bruise to prove it.

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