Unborn 2 talk?

January has certainly become the stomping grounds for horror material -- next month brings not just MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D (early for the holiday), but also UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS, THE UNINVITED (aka A TALE OF TWO SISTERS), and David Goyer's THE UNBORN. That's a lotta UN.

And that might just be the first of a possible UNBORN series, from the sound of it. Star Odette Yustman (that's her resplendent backside, which is apparently part of the marketing) tells our horrific sibling AITH that writer-director "David Goyer was talking about maybe doing a prequel. And hopefully working with Carla Gugino - she plays my mother in the movie - so maybe developing that story a little bit more."

More Yustman and Gugino -- greenlight that! The upcoming movie, which also features Gary Oldman, Meagan Good, Idris Elba and TWILIGHT beefstick Cam Gigandet, involves a young woman haunted by the spirit of a twin brother that never escaped the womb. Kids today.

Extra Tidbit: I can kind of understand now why the dude in CLOVERFIELD was so intent on getting Yustman('s) back.
Source: AITH



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