Unbreakable 2 is happening! But it's not Unbreakable 2...

M. Night Shyamalan has been teasing us with thoughts of a sequel to UNBREAKABLE since the film was released. As he just told MTV, "Literally, that's the question I get asked the most anywhere around the world." OK fans, your wait is over. UNBREAKABLE 2 is finally coming. But not really.

So when is an UNBREAKABLE 2 not an UNBREAKABLE 2? (Is this kinda like how a MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4 is not a MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4?) As it turns out, Shyamalan realizes that an actual UNBREAKABLE 2 is never going to happen but he really liked the ideas he had fleshed out for the sequel so he's adapting those ideas into a standalone film. Well c'mon Shyamalan just say it! "I'll just say it: the third 'Night Chronicles' movie is what would have been the sequel."

Night says he had "such a cool idea for a villain" he set it aside for the UNBREAKABLE sequel and began writing ideas around it. But as UNBREAKABLE 2 became less likely, he decided to cannibalize that idea for his upcoming "Night Chronicles" series, which is currently set up at Universal. (The first of those films, DEVIL, hits theaters on September 17.

The question is whether the "Night Chronicles" will still be around to make a third film. With the Shyamalan name producing diminishing returns as of late, if DEVIL and its follow-up fail to gain any kind of traction, it's possible that the "Night Chronicles" might not be chronicled after that. I haven't seen DEVIL nor have I talked to anyone who has so I can't speak to it's quality. But the success of that movie will go a long way towards finally seeing what Shyamalan had cooked up for UNBREAKABLE 2.

Extra Tidbit: Shyamalan says he considers UNBREAKABLE and THE VILLAGE his best films. Did he even see THE VILLAGE??
Source: MTV



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