Underdog trailer

I guess I wasn't one of those kids that watched UNDERDOG way back when. And in retrospect, I'm not really surprised. Transformers and TMNT were way cooler. However, even though the concept of a super-powered, crime-fighting dog in a cape doesn't really appeal to me, I'm gonna give credit where it's due: this trailer looks really cool. It starts off a little Disney, a little touchy-feely, but by the end, we've got some pretty sweet action. Kinda like SPIDERMAN, only hairy and without webs, the red and blue costume or the hot girlfriend. Okay, really it's nothing like SPIDERMAN, but he's cool all the same and he does seem to have a sassy female friend to boot. Still not convinced? Watch as I win over hundreds of you: Underdog is voiced by Jason Lee. If that hasn't made you want to click HERE to check the trailer out, then I give up. Thanks for you time. Underdog, yeah!
Extra Tidbit: Sweetie Amy Adams (JUNEBUG) voices the aforementioned sassy lady friend.
Source: CanMag



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