Underworld 4 coming

UNDERWORLD If you're a fan of pale vampiric brunettes in hot leather outfits, you're in luck, because the horror fiends over at Shock Til You Drop have learned that Screen Gems have decided to move forward with a fourth installment of the UNDERWORLD series. And what's more, they'll be doing it in 3D.

As you may recall, the series started with Kate Beckinsale's hot ass as a death dealing vampire who falls in love with a hybrid werewolf (or lycan) and in doing so pretty much fucks shit up within both races' ranks. The story continued with Beckinsale's hot ass and hybrid wolf boy on the run in UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION, by the end of which they pretty much fucked up everybody's shit. And in the last installment, RISE OF THE LYCANS, things went prequel with Rhona Mitra's hot ass playing elder vampire Viktor's (who was pseudo father to Beckinsale's character in the first film) daughter around the Middle Ages or so who falls in love with her own wolf boy.

There's no word on where Screen Gems plans to take the story but they do plan to release the film January 2011.

Extra Tidbit: If they go with a new story, which British brunette babe you guys think they can get to replace Beckinsale and Mitra?
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