Uni finds Resurrection

Universal has picked up the feature rights to the Oni Press comic series RESURRECTION written by Marc Guggenheim. The book follows a band of survivors of an alien attack who regroup and attempt to take back control of the planet. Guggenheim, a co-creator of the ABC series "Eli Stone," will produce the movie along with Scott Stuber (THE WOLF MAN). Sounds like a pretty interesting concept for a movie assuming it doesn't end with Jeff Goldblum uploading a virus or Randy Quaid going on a kamikaze mission (NOTE: Dave Davis assures me it is not nearly that corny and actually pretty damn cool). Things seem to be moving slowly on the RESURRECTION comic front with the first issue debuting in October and only three issues coming out since. In addition to RESURRECTION, Oni Press also has KING DOUG with Ben Stiller, SCOTT PILGRIM with Michael Cera and Edgar Wright and THE DAMNED in development. In addition to RESURRECTION, Guggenheim has also written for "Aquaman," "Wolverine," and "Amazing Spider-Man" in addition to launching the new Marvel title "Young X-Men."



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