Universal has chosen Johnny Depp to be their Invisible Man

As a massive fan of the Universal Monster films, I've been somewhat leery about Universal's plan to resurrect each of their famous monsters in a shared universe similar to Marvel's Cinematic Universe, but there's no denying that they're putting some serious star-power in front of these films. It wasn't that long ago when it was announced that Tom Cruise would be headlining THE MUMMY and now Deadline reports that Universal has chosen Johnny Depp to star in THE INVISIBLE MAN. If Universal continues loading up their monster films with Hollywood's top (and expensive) talent, we're going to be in for quite the star-studded affair in the inevitable monster version of THE AVENGERS.

Universal's original THE INVISIBLE MAN was based upon H.G. Wells' novel of the same name and followed Dr. Jack Griffin (Claude Rains) as he endeavoured to reverse an experiment he conducted on himself which made him invisible. However, the drugs began to warp his mind and he became aggressive, dangerous, and murderously insane. THE INVISIBLE MAN is quite funny at times but also delightfully dark, and it features some fairly impressive effects which still hold up quite well considering the film is over 80 years old at this point. Deadline wasn't sure who would be penning the script for THE INVISIBLE MAN, but THR reports that it will be Ed Solomon (MEN IN BLACK). There's no word on when Johnny Depp's THE INVISIBLE MAN will be released, but Tom Cruise's THE MUMMY will hit theaters on June 9, 2017.

How do you feel about Johnny Depp becoming THE INVISIBLE MAN?

Source: DeadlineTHR



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