Universal likes Lorax

The prescient, environmentally conscious Dr. Seuss masterpiece, THE LORAX, is his latest work to be turned into a full length feature film. Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment are teaming up to bring the story to life in 3-D CGI.

Poised to direct is the trio(!) of Chris Renaud, Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio, with Seuss vets Paul and Daurio (HORTON HEARS A WHO) writing the script. The film is due for a March 2, 2012 release to coincide with Seuss's birthday.

For all the childhood crap that gets adapted into movies these days, I have to admit I’m pretty excited about this project. THE LORAX scared the shit out of me as a kid, with the Once-ler ravaging the land of Truffula trees, and polluting the water and sky to the point where the place becomes a nightmarish wasteland.

The Lorax’s ultimate skyward exit and the cryptic message he left behind (UNLESS) was one of childhood’s greatest mysteries to me, until I was old enough to grasp the not-so-subtle message of environmental conservation Seuss was addressing thirty years before it was cool to do so.

Extra Tidbit: What other Seuss books had agendas behind them I didn’t understand when I was six?
Source: Variety



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