Universal signs Vin Diesel for third Riddick

I honestly never thought I'd see the day when another RIDDICK movie would get made. I know Vin Diesel has been talking about it since, well before the CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK came out, but once that film failed so spectacularly at the box-office, I really thought getting a new RIDDICK film made would be a Sisyphean task. But I guess when you star in the biggest film of the year for a studio (FAST AND FURIOUS), they're perhaps a little eager to get into business with you.

Diesel has signed on to star in RIDDICK, the third film in the series, which will be written and directed by David Twohy. Universal Pictures will once again distribute the film (and I'm willing to bet getting RIDDICK made was part of Diesel's deal to return for FAST AND FURIOUS 5).

It's unclear exactly what plot RIDDICK will follow but it's expected to hew closer to PITCH BLACK than the needlessly epic (and over-expensive) CHRONICLES film. FAST FIVE seems to be the priority for Universal (duh) and once that flim wraps, it looks like production on RIDDICK will begin.

Do you still care about the RIDDICK franchise? Are there teenagers out there who don't even know what this franchise is??

Extra Tidbit: While I hated, hated, hated CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, PITCH BLACK was actually a pretty effective thriller.
Source: Variety



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