Unknowns cast in Barry Levinson's sci-fi/horror film The Bay as more story details emerge

I hate being right sometimes.

I used the cute picture of an isopod enjoying a hot cup of joe above because the real-life pictures of an isopod are f*cking terrifying. And apart from that, it seems they are in fact the basis of director Barry Levinson's upcoming indie sci-fi/horror film THE BAY (formerly ISOPOD).

The folks over at Bloody Disgusting have picked up the new deets on the film, which is currently filming in North and South Carolina. Per BD:

"On the 4th of July in 2011, an unprecedented biological disaster is unleashed from the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. An isopod parasite, carrying untreatable, mutated diseases, jumps from fish to human host and replaces them with itself. Seven years later, the true horror and scope of the event, captured mainly on home videos by the town's now long-dead victims, is revealed to the public for the first time."

Joining the cast are unknowns Will Rogers (HAPPY NEW YEAR), Steven Kunken ("Law & Order"), Kether Donohue (ALTERED STATES OF PLAINE), Frank Deal ("Fringe"), Christopher Denham (SHUTTER ISLAND), and Kristin Connelly (BICENTENNIAL MAN). The story will be told "via a series of recordings on camera phones, 911 calls and other scraps of video" which will depict the chaos befalling a small Maryland town.
Extra Tidbit: Seriously, I had a different picture above, but I couldn't keep writing with those DEVIL EYES just staring at me.



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