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I've always led my life with a few basic mottoes.  One of those mottoes by which I like to live is stands that if I'm going down, I'm taking people with me.  Which is basically why I like to share my dementia with an international audience on a semi-daily basis.  There are plenty of things out there that bug the sh*t out of me and I feel it's my responsibility to share these things with you.  Much along the lines of the school that says, the only way to get an annoying song out of your head is to sing it so it gets stuck in someone else's. Ergo...

Has anyone else noticed while watching trailers for upcoming movies that they're advertising websites that aren't up yet?  Download the trailers for CHANGING LANES, HIGH CRIMES and UNFAITHFUL and then try to visit www.changinglanes.com, www.highcrimesmovie.com, or www.unfaithfulmovie.com.  Any luck? If so, then I've truly cracked and I suggest you alert the New Jersey authorities. These aren't the only examples and it just drives me nuts.  Why advertise something that's not open? Especially when a teaser page is so easy to put together, a retarded monkey could do it.  Most people would overlook something like this, but it's the little things that tend to drive me up a wall. Anyway, back to work....

Source: JoBlo.com
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