Unused Basterds art

After I first saw INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS I knew I liked it but I stopped short of loving it. Part of my hang up was that I had read the script and felt like what was on screen wasn't matching up with what was in my head (or I was constantly thinking a scene or two in advance). But once I got past that I realized that Tarantino's vision was far better than anything I had imagined. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized maybe I really did love it. I talked to Moreno and he said he went to see it a second time and it was even better. So I might just have to do that.

Even though the film has been out for a few days now, we still have some new poster art for you. The difference is that this is rejected art. This was a commissioned painting that The Weinstein Co. ultimately decided not to use. I can see why they opted for the posters they choose but this is definitely a cool alternate design. It's not necessarily a great piece of marketing but it's a great piece of art. Thanks to Film School Rejects for the heads up.

Extra Tidbit: How can Christoph Waltz be anything other than the frontrunner for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar?
Source: Poster Wire



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