Afterward Docter and Rivera spoke for a few minutes about the film, saying that they had to come up with new technology for Kevin's iridescence and the 10,000+ balloons. The animation was incredible, which is hardly a surprise for a Pixar film. They explained that after years of working on photo-realistic animation, they wanted to go in the other direction, doing a caricature of the style. (The animators may have been a bit miffed by that.) And look for the usual Pixar easter eggs like A1-13, the Pizza Planet truck from TOY STORY, etc. Docter and Rivera told us that the story is truly about the experiences we have with each other, and that these are the grandest adventures of all. If anyone else said that, I'd roll my eyes, but after WALL-E and my desperate need to hug something after seeing that, I'm inclined to believe them.

UP is released on May 29th, 2009.