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Up in Air Trailer 2


    Clooney is UP

I have to admit I still haven't got around to watch JUNO, but Jason Reitman got my full attention with THANK YOU FOR SMOKING, so his latest film headlined by George Clooney is a surefire winner with me.

UP IN THE AIR has a brand spanking new trailer to show for, and I have to say it looks just as cool as its premise of a man who's lifestyle spent mostly between airports is threatened just as he's met an equally mobile love interest AND is about to reach his ten millionth frequent flyer mile.

That new trailer is right down there with the film set for wide release on a new date, December 4th. Hey, was that a TWILIGHT high school chick in there? Interesting how a quality film makes an actress look better...

Extra Tidbit: That film also has Dinkus. er...I mean J.K. Simmons. He's funny.
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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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