Up via Russ Meyer

When Disney decided to campaign for a Best Picture nomination for Pixar's UP, they probably didn't anticipate an entire article devoted to the similarities between their sweet, funny and touching family adventure and sexploitation king Russ Meyer. But that's exactly what they're getting.

In 1976 Meyer released another of his soft-core boobie comedies titled UP! On the surface it would seem to have nothing in common with Pixar's UP (besides the title) as it features a plot that revolves around some kind of Nazi murder mystery and a buxom new stranger in town. Yeah it's a tad bizarre but luckily there's a one-woman chorus (legendary sexpot Kitten Natividad) who catches you up on the finer points of the plot (butt naked, naturally).

The guys at FourFour have taken an extremely in-depth look at the two UPs and it's a pretty funny read (don't take it too seriously). That said, it is NSFW as you might imagine any kind of recap of Russ Meyer's films might be. You can check it out for yourself here!

Extra Tidbit: UP! was co-written by none other than Roger Ebert.
Source: FourFour



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