Update: Hornet back on

It looks like the reports of THE GREEN HORNET's demise were greatly exaggerated. Earlier this week, it was reported that THE GREEN HORNET wasn't shooting in 2009 and may never make it before cameras. Problem is nobody told Seth Rogen. The actor/writer/producer checked in with HitFix, the site that started the rumor, to clear the air. An angry Rogen wrote in an e-mail that the film "should still hit its release date" of June 25, 2010 and that they'll be hiring a director in the next couple weeks. Seth was reportedly upset because, as he puts it, the film has "many people working for it," all who read the rumors online and thought they were losing their jobs. Meanwhile at Ain't It Cool, they're reporting that while Stephen Chow left his post as director, he's still onboard to co-star as Kato. And in one last piece of GREEN HORNET news, the LA Times is reporting that another famous superhero plays a brief but pivotal role in the film. And that superhero will be played by?.....Adam Sandler.

Extra Tidbit: The Times refused to be specific but what superhero could Sandler be playing?
Source: HitFix



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