Update: Injured Spider-Man actor walking for the first time since fall off stage

UPDATE - In a related story, another injured actor from the production, Natalie Mendoza, who suffered a concussion when a piece of equipment hit her in the head off-stage, is leaving the show. Mendoza, who played the villainous Arachne, has not released a statement but is said to still be dealing with issues from the concussion and was advised by her doctors not to return. Mendoza was also close friends with Tierney [below] and one can only wonder if his injury helped inform her decision. Mendoza will be replaced by her understudy, America Olivo.

Christopher Tierney, the "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" actor who was rushed to the hospital on December 20th after falling off stage, has only now begun to start walking after back surgery. While Tierney, his injury and the ongoing circus that is "Spider-Man" on Broadway may have been the punchline for a number of jokes, doctors told Tierney's family he was lucky to be alive after fracturing his skull, scapula and elbow along with a bruised lung four broken ribs and three fractured vertebrae.

Despite all those injuries, which would probably make me want to swear off the Great White Way forever, Tierney's father told the New York Times that his son "just cannot wait" to get back to performing in the show. I'm sure his doctors might disagree with that but you gotta appreciate the kid's moxie.

Doctors do expect Tierney to regain full mobility though he'll have a lengthy rehab process while his body heals around the pins and rods surgically inserted into his back.

Source: New York Times



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