Update on Bendis comic series Powers and Alias coming to TV

We don't cover too much TV around here, but Frank Darabont's cinematic horror series "The Walking Dead" deservedly got our attention. Then a couple weeks ago, there was some chatter that the writing staff was being replaced for the successful AMC series' second season.

That report turned out to be not entirely accurate -- in fact, one of the show's writers was already on his way to a different comic book adaptation, prolific writer Brian Michael Bendis' superhero crime noir "Powers." Vulture says that "Dead" executive producer Charles H. "Chic" Eglee may be off to run the show for FX.

The long-running book "Powers" revolves around a pair of police detectives investigating murders in a world of superheroes. One of the cops is uniquely qualified for the role: he was one of the "capes" before losing his powers. The property was previously set up as a film project at Sony (with Frank Oz once attached to direct

Meanwhile, another Bendis book is getting the TV treatment -- ABC is adapting his Marvel MAX book "Alias" for the small screen. Obviously it's getting retitled to avoid confusion with the recent JJ Abrams spy show, so it's currently going by "AKA Jessica Jones."

Melissa Rosenberg (TWILIGHT saga, STEP UP) will handle writing and exec producing on the show, which follows the title character, a former superhero who turned in her costume to become a private investigator. In the mature-rated comics she crossed paths with famous Marvel faces like Daredevil and Captain America, and developed romantic relationships with Ant-Man and Luke Cage.

Rosenberg also has previous experience with dark material ("Dexter") and female TV superheroes ("Birds of Prey"). "AKA Jessica Jones" will be the first Marvel Television show, beating Guillermo del Toro's relaunch of "The Incredible Hulk."

Extra Tidbit: Bendis' Eliot Ness serial killer book TORSO was once in the works with David Fincher directing, but the project is apparently now dead.
Source: VarietyVulture



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