Update: X-Men: First Class gets a Beast & a Banshee with Nicholas Hoult and Caleb Landry Jones

Matthew Vaughn has found his Beast for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS--Nicholas Hoult.

Wait...what happened to Benjamin Walker? Deadline doesn't give any details on that part. In fact, they don't even mention Walker at all. The news of Walker's casting originally came from Showbiz 411. We then briefly mentioned it within the same day.

I also saw someone mention Beast in today's article on Aaron Johnson's casting as Cyclops.

You might remember Hoult most from his role in 2002's ABOUT A BOY with Hugh Grant. Since then Hoult seems to be proving himself to be a great adult actor, especially with his role as Kenny opposite Colin Firth in A SINGLE MAN. But is he a good pick for the young Hank McCoy? Why the hell not? The cast for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS is shaping up to be something worth seeing the movie over. The guy's just got to have a little charisma, intelligence, and a caring nature. Hoult is definitely going to have to pump some iron. The pre-blue Hank McCoy was pretty stacked. I found a panel with Archangel so you could get an idea in case you hadn't read the comic.

UPDATE: As first reported by Latino Review, Caleb Landry Jones has also joined FIRST CLASS as Banshee. You might remember Jones from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS or his small part in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN as the kid who sold his shirt to Anton Chigurh. He can also be seen soon in THE LAST EXORCISM and THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Banshee is the alias of Irish born Sean Cassidy. Hope this ginger from Texas is ready to deliver his sonic scream. Maybe when he grows up he'll be Damian Lewis.

Thoughts on the subject?

Extra Tidbit: Kelsey Grammer was my first choice for Beast before they made an X-Men movie. Watching FRASIER late at night back in the 90's I was like, "That guy is perfect!" I still had no choice for Gambit though...
Source: Deadline



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