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Today was one of those boring days where I've just been surfing the web just begging for an interesting story to fall in my lap. I searched long and hard and found nothing. I thought about what's coming up that might interest me and lost in all the SPIDER-MAN and ATTACK OF THE CLONES pre-hype is Chris Nolan's INSOMNIA. Despite the fact that I'm really looking forward to seeing this film, I had completely forgotten about it. My mind has been on a Spidey fix for the past few weeks and I've basically ignored anything else in the month of May. So remembering there was supposed to be a Flash site coming soon to the official website, I headed over to see if it had gone live yet. And boy it had. I spent the last half-hour just letting this site (which reminds me in a weird way of the MEMENTO site) play out in front of me as I figured out how to get to the next scene. It's hard to describe with somewhat abstract imagery playing out before you, but WELL worth the ride. Beware, if you've got a slow connection, this site isn't for you. I'm moving about as fast as a guy can go on the web and even for me there were moments of pause. But if you've got a DSL or higher, check this out. Trippy, dark, creative, mysterious and by God different. It's so refreshing to visit a site and see more than a synopsis, photos and a trailer (although this stuff is available at the HTML version of the site). If you've got the wherewithall, I highly suggest you take a trip over to www.dontcloseyoureyes.com and I know you're busy this May but don't forget about this movie. Robin Williams playing a psycho, the director of MEMENTO and Pacino people! For chrissake PACINO!

Things I learned from the USUAL SUSPECTS DVD - Pacino
came close to playing Chazz Palmenteri's character in the film...

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