US Happening trailer

I always wonder if M. Night Shyamalan regrets his career trajectory. Like, if he could go back to having just finished THE SIXTH SENSE, whether he still would have made UNBREAKABLE, then squatted over and pooped out SIGNS, etc. Anyway, his new flick THE HAPPENING has itself a new(ish) trailer and as per usual that dastardly director has intrigued me once again. I picture him sitting at home in a huge arm-chair stroking a white cat and twiddling his moustache, saying something like "you'll stew on this... oh yes, you'll stew..." Highlight is still the dudes randomly falling off of the scaffolding. Lowlight is still Mark Wahlberg trying to make like he's a science teacher. I can't buy that he knows any more science than the correct momentum with which to punch a guy in the head. In case you haven't heard, THE HAPPENING is about a group of people on the run from a worldwide disaster. Marky Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Zoo Deschanel and Johnny John Leguizamo star. Check the trailer out HERE.
Extra Tidbit: UNBREAKABLE - so good. So underrated.
Source: Cineplex/Film



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