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Valkyrie moves again


If you thought Valentine's Day was an odd holiday to release a WWII thriller about German officers plotting to kill Hitler, does Christmastime feel more suitable?

That's now when Bryan Singer's VALKYRIE is slotted to open -- MGM has shifted the Tom Cruise movie yet again from next February 13th to December 26th of this year. The movie has already been bounced from this past June until October. It seems that the studio realized the potential for awards, as MGM honcho Clark Woods says: "We saw and tested the movie, and we believe a strong movie deserves a strong playdate."

Also, here's a new snap of Tom's pre-patched SS colonel in desert gear -- watch for the Hoth variant figure soon! Maybe.

Extra Tidbit: In other Cruise News (it's his week!), Tom's longtime biz partner Paula Wagner is reportedly stepping down as CEO and co-owner of United Artists, which she and Cruise resurrected a year or two back.
Source: MGM



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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