Valkyrie script review

The gents over at Filmick.com have posted a script review of Bryan Singer's upcoming historical drama VALKYRIE, starring Tom Cruise, in what will likely be a breakout role. The review is a favourable one and based on the script alone, this could be Singer's best film since THE USUAL SUSPECTS. I know a bunch of you are now saying "What?! Are you gonzos?! X2 was way better than THE USUAL SUSPECTS!" bur that isn't the point. Basically, this thing has the potential to be good, with Cruise playing Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, one of the officers at the center of a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

The review tells us that Cruise's character will be disfigured in the film, and that even though it's pegged as an ensemble piece, Cruise's character does indeed carry the film. Also, the reviewer believes this role can result in a possible Oscar push for Cruise, which is exciting since I've never seen anyone jump on the actual podium before. The review is more or less spoiler-free, which is rather inconsequential since it's based on a historical event, and you can essentially figure out what happens, but either way, you can check it out HERE. Let's hope this is a return to form for Singer, who burst onto the scene with smaller, more challenging films, and for Cruise as well, who burst onto the scene with wild eyes and spitfire. Cruise has the political thriller LIONS FOR LAMBS up next, and look for Singer to segue directly into the SUPERMAN sequel.

Extra Tidbit: Adolf Hitler died by his own hand on April 30th, 1945. So no, Cruise finally does not get his man.
Source: Filmick



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