Valkyrie teaser promo

The folks over at /Film have posted a pretty sweet promo video for the Tom Cruise-starring VALKYRIE. By now you all know that the movie centers on Nazi generals and other military-men who plot to assassinate their dear leader, Adolf Hitler. The movie is based on a true story and is directed by Bryan Singer.

The promo features some behind-the-scenes footage and some talking-head interviews, including one with my favourite Kenneth in the whole wide world, Mr. Branagh. I didn't need this to get me excited for this movie, but it did the trick. I'm still curious though how they plan on representing Hitler. Will he be a mjor character in the film? Who will play him? If any of you have seen the German film DOWNFALL, you'll know there probably isn't an actor out there who can represent him the way Bruno Ganz did. VALKYRIE opens next summer and you can check out the promo HERE.

Extra Tidbit: When VALKYRIE faced restrictions on filming in certain locations in Germany because of Cruise's religious beliefs, filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen came to its defense.
Source: /Film



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