Vampire secret agent coming to life in Blood Oath movie

Because if there's one thing we need more of lately, it's vampire movies, so thank God for the newly announced film adaptation of the “vampire secret agent” novel BLOOD OATH. Sigh.

What’s it all about? The details via Heat Vision:

A mix of political techno thrills and supernatural action, “Oath” centers on a vampire captured by the U.S. Army just after the Civil War who is forced to swear an oath to President Andrew Johnson and has protected the presidency in the Secret Service for nearly 150 years.

In “Oath,” the vampire, named Nathaniel Cade, is paired with a new human handler and finds himself embroiled in a plot involving a monstrous new form of biological weapon with a connection to the White House.

Warp Films’ Lucas Foster has picked up the project, and even he knows it's kind of a risky bet given the subject matter, but says that the author, Christopher Farnsworth, makes it work.

“It’s a big idea and it’s an idea that in the wrong hands could have been cheesy,” Foster said. “He did a very good job of making the reader, and me, buy it. It’s the right tone between thriller and improbable fantasy.”

I’m sorry, but there are no amount of words on a screen that can convince me a “vampire secret agent” movie is a good idea. I’m going to keep doubting until I’m wowed by a trailer, which will probably be a long, long ways off.

The book has just been released today, so someone run out and buy it and let us all know if this has any potential to not be ridiculous.

Extra Tidbit: Alright that seal is pretty goddamn hilarious.
Source: Heat Vision



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