Van Damme explains why Stallone hung up on him over The Expendables

With nearly every ancient action star under the sun making their way into Stallone’s EXPENDABLES, one notable name missing was Jean-Claude Van Damme. And also Chuck Norris, but whatever, that meme died a while ago.

But as it turns out, Van Damme was initially approached by Stallone for a part in the film, a role which Van Damme turned down because Stallone didn’t have any sort of character built for him other than “guy who fights like boom boom boom” which wasn’t quite good enough for JCVD star who has been doing more grown-up work these days.

Watch Van Damme relay the exchange below with his best Stallone impression, and because it’s rather hard to hear, the important parts have been translated underneath the video.

[...] To be in the movie, and after JCVD and EAGLE PATH and it was between that, he said: "I want you to be in THE EXPENDABLES" and I said: "Whats my character?" And he go: "You know JC, you gonna make lots of money, doesnt matter, you gonna make money. And we go: BOOM, BOOM, BOOM." [...] Yeah, I understand, but I would like to know what am I doing?" [...] "Well you know, you gonna talk with Jet Li and you gonna have a fight." And I say: "Keep It." And he thinks I am a kid. He go: "You know, you win the fight, then I am coming in and Boom, Boom, Boom." And I said: "What do you mean? BOOM, BOOM, BOOM? Whats my story?" [...] "Who gives a fuck, you gonna make money." And I said: "SLY I cannot work this way." And then he hang up on me. Then I call him back like an idiot, an idiot [...] He go: "Ey, this is very insulting, and you insulting me, you." [...] I said: "SLY, when I saw ROCKY I put the bun on my head and I run like I think I was Rocky." That was my end story with THE EXPENDABLES. [...] But Stallone is a very very smart man, he's got a big heart, truly. And he's a brilliant writer and a brilliant director! That's why I asking all those questions about characters [...]

Thanks to ever-watchful reader Fat-Womanizer for the tip.

Extra Tidbit: I say good for him, though it would have been cool to see him in there.
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