Van Damme on SF

I was extremely excited about the new STREET FIGHTER film for about 30 seconds. Justin Marks was apparently some kind of wunderkind, and we were getting some dark revenge flick about Chun Li killing everyone between her and Bison. Sounds like a brilliant angle to me. Then, casting news came in and things seriously went sour. And if this film already sounds horrible, imagine how much worse it could have been if the minds behind the film had actually gotten one of their alleged targets: Jean Claude Van Damme. Because he did such a good job on the first one? Seriously? According to this interview with the guy he turned them down. And let's be honest, that is not good.

In my teenage years I spent more time playing Street Fighter than I did sleeping and eating combined. In fact there is no aspect of my youth that I'm more passionate about seeing done justice and maybe that's why I'm so angry about how this project is turning out. Chris Klein is great, I have nothing against the guy, but him playing Charlie/Nash is hands down the worst piece of casting I have ever heard. He looks like he would rather finger paint or go shopping for floating candles than kick someone's ass. Rick Yune playing Gen is just nonsensical. In case you don't know, THIS is Gen. I am pretty sure he is older than styrofoam. And Van Damme to play Guile again? I don't even know what to say. Forget words then, let's all look at Kristen Kreuk (Chun Li).

Extra Tidbit: Apparently Van Damme was also offered a role in RUSH HOUR 3.
Source: MTV



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