Van Damme's brood

Jean-Claude Van Damme is set to star in HOLY BROOD, a super-natural thriller written by long-time collaborator Sheldon Lettich (THE HARD CORPS). Is this fantastic news or what? Actually, that last comment was only partially sarcastic, there were a good couple of years in my life when I saw BLOODSPORT on video and thought the sun shone out of Van Damme's ass. I'm pretty sure that when I was a kid, the only problem I had with the TRANSFORMERS movie was that at no point did Prime do the splits across two chairs.

Apparently the movie "deals with the occult and the supernatural, and there's certainly some stuff in it that's designed to be creepy and/or scary. But it's not a horror movie per se, like -- for example -- "Evil Dead" or "Hostel" or "Halloween" or "Saw." I'm thinking maybe like CONSTANTINE but with round-house kicks. Sound good? Either way, Van Damme will next be seen in THE SHEPARD.
Extra Tidbit: Van Damme was the original actor in the PREDATOR suit, but was apparently fired for being extremely unco-operative.
Source: Moviehole



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