Van Sant beats Singer

Sean Penn We've mentioned the dueling biopics on gay-rights activist Harvey Milk before - Gus Van Sant was onboard to direct a project titled MILK and Bryan Singer was set to direct a project titled THE MAYOR OF CASTRO STREET - but with no end to The One Strike in sight, both these projects were facing a one way trip to production hell. Van Sant's MILK, it seems, has emerged victorious as Focus Features is moving forward with it and plans to start production in January. Christopher McQuarrie's script for CASTRO STREET apparently wasn't turned in before the detonation of the nuclear strike that has left Hollywood with nothing but hay bales rustling through its streets and studio executives on the run for their lives. Van Sant's MILK is expected to shoot entirely in San Francisco where the real-life Milk, in 1977, became the first openly gay elected official. Sean Penn is still signed and will be playing the title role.

Extra Tidbit: Learn more about Harvey Milk HERE.
Source: Variety



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