Vanessa Hudgens goes on a Journey with The Rock

It's fair to say that I hated JOURNEY 3D. I even wrote a Top 10 list about how much I hated it. On that very list, I mention the setup for the sequel and beg to be spared. Whatever celestial being is clearly not interested in listening to me and here I am, writing about JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND.

Today we have news that Vanessa Hudgens has signed on to join Dwayne Johnson, Josh Hutcherson and Michael Caine (take as much time as you need to let that sink in) in JOURNEY 2. Now how exactly a sequel to a film as infinitely bad as JOURNEY 3D has gotten a cast as impressive as this is baffling to me but I would argue that The Rock is SO much better than Brendan Fraser's sloppy seconds.

In the film, Hudgens will play a girl who gets swept up in the adventure of Hutcherson and Johnson as they head to the mysterious island in the title to save the kid's grandpa (Caine).

Filming on JOURNEY 2 is expected to begin later this month in North Carolina and Hawaii (??). Hudgens can be seen next in Zack Snyder's SUCKER PUNCH.

Extra Tidbit: I actually think Hudgens is a pretty decent actress. Don't judge me.
Source: THR



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