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Vanilla Ice throws in his two cents regarding the latest TMNT anthem


Reviews are starting to pour in regarding the latest TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES feature, but it's time to get down to the review that really matters about the song everyone (no one) is talking about. That's right. Vanilla Ice has given his official review on the turtle's latest anthem, Shell Shocked, and it doesn't paint a pretty picture.

In Ice's own words:

With respect to all of the artists, the song doesn't really do it for me. It feels a little artificial—what I mean by that is that it sounds like a bunch of executives in the corporate world put it together. It really does not fit the theme of the Ninja Turtles legend. I think you have to understand, and be a true Ninja, to possess the Magic to really pull off the secret sound.

I didn't know Vanilla Ice was a true ninja!!! In all seriousness, I agree with his synopsis. Then again, rap isn't really my genre of choice, although I find his Ninja Rap far superior for what it's worth. Our latest JoBlo video review sounds like the movie is exactly that I thought it would be, which is popcorn entertainment. I'm definitely down for checking that out, but somehow I doubt audiences will be able to forgo GUARDIANS come this weekend. We'll find out this time next week!

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES his theaters this Friday.

Why couldn't they just use this song again?  Isn't retro in?

Source: GQ



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