Vantage Point trailer

It's not the I AM LEGEND trailer or the 30 DAYS OF NIGHT trailer (which will be online later today), but I was pleasantly surprised by this trailer for VANTAGE POINT. VANTAGE what you ask? Yeah, I wasn't all that familiar with the movie myself. It stars Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver and William Hurt and follows the aftermath of an assassination attempt on the US president as told from the vantage point (hence VANTAGE POINT) of eight different people. My only gripe was that this trailer seemed to give away a lot. If you were so inclinded and wanted to slo-mo the last 45 seconds, I think the entire movie is in there. That said it looks like an effective enough thriller and maybe I'm just intrigued by a thriller that's not a sequel, adaptation or remake. The film was originally set for release this year but recently was pushed back to a February 2008 release. Not exactly a good sign but here's hoping it turns out well. Click here to head to MSN and watch the trailer.

Extra Tidbit: VANTAGE POINT was filmed almost over a year ago in Mexico.
Source: MSN



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