Variety not so boffo?

The battle between old school media and new school media has been raging for some time and is nothing new. I mean look at this clip of Buzz Bissinger (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS writer) going positively ape shit over the "blogosphere." There's constant tension especially with newspapers now laying off a lot of their print staff in favor of more online content. But now we have a new issue that's bubbling to the surface. The Hollywood trades - Variety and The Hollywood Reporter - are finding themselves on the receiving end of a major gripe by a lot of movie websites who feel they aren't getting the proper credit for scoops they've broken. Heck, it happened to us just today with the Guillermo del Toro HATER scoop (reported in Variety today and first reported on JoBlo.com last year). My views on the issue are more complex as you might think and probably a little too much so to get into here. But the boys at Latino Review have put together a nice summary that will hopefully bring the issue to the forefront and help all us media people ride unicorns over rainbows while catching falling stars. Check out the article here and practice your high school forensic team skills debating the issue below.

Source: Latino Review



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