Vaughn is Kick-Ass

Now that Universal's WANTED is generating so much buzz, you knew it was only a matter of time before someone started working on another adaptation of writer Mark Millar's books. Now via Ain't It Cool we have word that Matthew Vaughan (STARDUST) is looking to write and direct an adaptation of Millar's latest comic KICK-ASS. The comic is only at Issue #2 but AICN reports that Vaughan and writing partner Jane Goldman are already hard at work on the script. The story, at least as much of it as we know now, takes place in the "real world" where teens idolize Batman, Superman and Spider-Man. Fed-up with bullying jocks they wonder why there are no superheroes for real and a select few decide to do something about it. The art in the books is done by John Romita, Jr. an artist I haven't always loved over the years (especially his mid-90s "Punisher" run). But JRJR has done some stuff since then I haven't caught up with so I'll cut him some slack. Vaughn was also attached to direct another comic, an adaptation of THOR for Paramount (and was famously directing X-MEN 3 before dropping out and leaving us with Brett Ratner). Since the project hasn't even been formally announced it's unclear when filming might begin.

Extra Tidbit: Millar is currently working on "Fantastic Four" for Marvel.
Source: Ain't It Cool



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