Velocity speeds up

While YOU SHALL KNOW OUR VELOCITY! certainly isn't the best of Dave Eggers' works, it is still pretty damn good and much more translatable to the big screen than, say, "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius." So while "Genius" continues to languish is development hell, VELOCITY is moving forward. Miguel Arteta (THE GOOD GIRL) has signed on to direct the film with a script from Wells Tower. That's a person not a building. Apparently Tower was the recipient of the Paris Review Discovery Prize and has contributed to McSweeney's, which is run by Dave Eggers. The film is very loosely based on Eggers life post "Genius" and follows two friends who travel across the world on a mission to give away a large sum of money one of them has come into. There's obviously much more than that to the story and it will be interesting to see what Arteta and Towers can successfully translate to the big screen. No word on when filming might begin but considering the script hasn't been written yet and Eggers will eventually have script approval, it might not get going before next year's anticipated strike. As for a "Genius" movie, that may never happen...

Extra Tidbit: Tower is currently working as a contributing editor at The Washington Post.
Source: Variety



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