Venice will be bloody?

I'm a little peeved off at the Cannes Film Festival. Where does it get off hogging all the festival attention, and leaving all the other festivals with no choice but to take their tops off, just so we'll look they're way? Well I'm here to tell you enough is enough, Cannes! It's time for a change, and I'm going to initiate it by hawking out the recently announced flicks scheduled to appear at...wait for it...the Venice Film Festival, y'all! Big up!

Variety is reporting that a source close to the festival says that "one-third of the lineup is probably going to be American." If we were talking about soccer, then I'd say that lineup would be slightly doomed, but thankfully we're talking movies here, something the Americans excel at (most of the time) and this bodes very will for the festival. Some of the big pics premiering will be Robert Zemeckis' 3D motion-capture adaptation of BEOWULF, Todd Hayne's ambiguous Bob Dylan biopic I'M NOT THERE, Ang Lee's spy thriller LUST, CAUTION, and the one that I'm most looking forward to, P. T. Anderson's turn-of-the-century oil epic, THERE WILL BE BLOOD, based on the Upton Sinclair novel and starring Daniel Day-Lewis.

BLOOD isn't officially confirmed for the fest like the others, but I have been trained by the online movie overlords to believe anything printed in Variety. Also, the film is scheduled for a November 21st opening, meaning it will accompany the Coen Bros.' highly-praised NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN into theaters, albeit in limited release. Should be a good weekend, if I'm not broke.

Extra Tidbit: Director Zhang Yimou (HERO) will serve as president of this year's festival jury.
Source: Variety



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