Venom: The Movie?!

Since the very first SPIDER-MAN film, comic fans have been clamoring for their big-screen fix of their favorite Spidey villain Venom. They got their wish in SPIDER-MAN 3 only that movie wasn't all that good and Venom only appeared for about 15 minutes. But don't think that hasn't waned interest in Venom. In fact Sony Pictures is moving ahead on a VENOM movie and is actively looking for writers to work on a new script and actors who could carry a picture of this scope. Yup, you heard that last part correctly. Don't expect Topher Grace to return to the role he filmed in SPIDER-MAN 3 as apparently Sony is "not yet convinced" he can carry a big tentpole movie. The spin that the standalone film would follow is that Venom's symbiotic alien creature would ditch Eddie Brock and bond itself to a new human host. Sony is hot to get a new superhero property kicking aside from the SPIDER-MAN films. How exactly you frame a movie around a villain without the use of him main nemesis remains to be seen. While the Venom comics with Spider-Man were always gold, his spin-offs always left a bit to be desired. Do you think VENOM would work and how so?

Extra Tidbit: Mac Gargan, the former Scorpion, is the current Venom.



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